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Best Fishing Backpacks with Rod Holders

KastKing Fishing Tackle Backpack

Fishing backpacks are an excellent way to fish from shore while maintaining a high level of mobility, allowing you to keep your hands free for navigating difficult terrain or carrying more gear, without the need to carry large and clunky tackle boxes. There is a wide variety of fishing back packs on the market today, and in this article, we will take a look at some of the best fishing backpacks with rod holders offerings on the market. 

KastKing Day Tripper Backpack 

The day-tripper has a big feature that many fishing backpacks now begin to employ, and one that will be featured in all backpacks in this post. The day-tripper has storage spots which could also be described as rod holders for carrying your fishing rods on the outside of your backpack, keeping your hands completely free.

The KastKing backpack has other great features besides being able to carry your fishing rods. Like a hydrophobic coating that repels water from the outside of the backpack. As well as a super-effective PVC layer on the inside to provide extra moisture protection. Ensuring your tackle and gear is protected from the elements. 

The KastKing Day Tripper can hold up to four 3600 size storage containers for all your lures, terminal tackle, and other fishing gear, and the spacious general storage compartment is great for lunch, beverages, rain gear, or anything else you need to bring with you for a day on the water. 

The storage tray compartment is different from other backpacks on the market. It opens to the side of the backpack instead of from the front. The backpack also has thick and breathable padding to keep you comfortable and cool, slash mesh pockets, and a removable main storage compartment bottom. 

Rodeel Fishing Tackle Backpack

The Rodeel backpack has some excellent storage options. Including a dedicated beverage container holder and rod holder tie downs for two fishing rod setups. 

This thing is loaded with zippered pockets. It even has tactical style molle on it for attachments of carabiner clips and any item you want to attach to it. 

The backpack also comes with four large containers for all your terminal tackle like weights, swivels, and other items as well as fishing lures and other small gear that you want quick and easy access too. 

The Rodeel backpack is made of 600D Polyester material and features heavy-duty zippers and buckles. This allows it to stand the test of time and the rigors of cross-country shore fishing. As well as keeping your gear safe from the elements. 

Blisswill Fishing Backpack 

The Blisswill is a great fishing backpack that allows you to switch its configuration. It can go from being a traditional backpack as well as a shoulder bag. With a 16x12x6 inch main compartment as well as two other side compartments, the Blisswill backpack also has ample room for tons of gear. 

The pack is constructed using Water-resistant 1000D heavy-duty nylon fabric for the outer shell. The inner compartments of the backpack are waterproof to protect your gear and to seal it all in the backpack features high-quality full-length SBS zippers. 

KastKing BlowBak

Another offering from Kastking, a company that has really been a leading innovator in great fishing products in recent years, the BlowBak is perfect for anglers who want a more compact fishing backpack design, while still retaining key features like rod holder capabilities. 

The BlowBak is a sling style design pack, featuring one large padded sling strap instead of the traditional two sling design of a standard backpack. This helps keep the overall footprint of the backpack smaller, without sacrificing comfort in the process. 

With a tactically inspired design the BlowBak features molle style strapping for you to attach random pieces of gear that you want quick access too. It is constructed from very durable 600D polyester materials. 

The BlowBak also comes with two 3600 storage compartments for your gear and fishing tackle. Along with a variety of zippered compartments, allowing you to carry a large amount of gear for a compact sling pack design. An integrated bottle or beverage holder to help keep you hydrated on the water.

BassDash Fishing Backpack 

This thing is not only stylish in design, it can carry a serious amount of gear as well. 

The BassDash backpack has an Adjustable main compartment can be divided into 2 separate inner compartments with a movable clapboard. Giving you multiple storage layout options. The generously sized front pockets as well as the large side pockets have been sized to fit most trays or boxes styles available on the market. Or you can choose to accommodate other accessories or items instead of tackle trays. 

With the BassDash backpack you can carry up to two rods in the side rod holder straps. It also has a dedicated pocket for your reusable water bottles or other beverage holders. 

The backpack can hold three 3670 sized storage boxes. Giving it an edge over other backpacks which are rated for the smaller 3600 sized boxes. A fourth box can be added to the molded, hard, and waterproofed base compartment. 

The top main compartment of the backpack has enough to hold items like your rain gear, food, spare clothes, fishing reels, or any other gear you want to bring with you. 

Like other tactical style fishing backpacks you also get molle webbing built into the backpack and D-rings to hold additional gear or items. 

You can also choose from a few different colors such as camouflage patterns, British khaki or olive green. 

What to Look for in a Fishing Backpack with Rod Holders

Some of the features of a fishing backpack can come down to personal preference. With that being said their are a few features that we believe anglers won’t want to go without. 

Rod Holders on Your Fishing Backpack 

Rod holders are incredibly valuable as a feature . They allow you to carry other items with the free hands you get as a result of having one built into your backpack. Or simply carry nothing at all leaving your hands free. 

Fishing Backpack with Storage Trays 

Storage trays are another valuable feature and most backpacks come with them and dont require you to buy them separately. Without these there simply is no tackle storage, and in our opinion, the more the better. 

Large amounts of storage for anything you need to bring with you is also paramount. You can see from our chosen selection of fishing backpacks, there is ample amounts of zippered pockets and storage to bring anything your heart desires. 

Ice Fishing Backpacks 

Don’t overlook fishing backpacks for ice fishing situations! You could easily carry all your ice fishing tackle and rods with a fishing backpack. In some cases maybe even your sonar units. 

This leaves your hands free for other gear like a sled, and/or an ice auger. You can hop holes with ease having a fishing backpack on your back. While using your free hands to carry a rigged rod and a sonar unit. Making you incredibly mobile and fish with incredible efficiency. 

Best Fishing Backpack with Rod Holders – Conclusion 

While there are many fishing backpacks on the market today, the ones listed above are our top picks for the best on the market today. We believe it is imperative you choose a fishing backpack with rod holders. This keeps your hands free for other important items like your beer cooler. By choosing one of the fishing backpacks above, you can be assured that you will have plenty of storage. As well as a backpack that features high quality and durable construction to last for years.

Best Fishing Backpacks with Rod Holders

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