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The Best Fishing Gear – 15 Cool Fishing Gadgets

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The modern fishing world is full of great new gear and fishing gadgets that make our lives on the water in pursuit of fish easier and more efficient. We narrowed down the search for cool gadgets in the fishing world. These are our top 15 cool fishing gadgets and gear on the market today. So check your fishing reports, gear up and fill your stringer!

Anchor Shock Dock Shock Mooring Kit – Boat Moorings

Dock shock mooring shocks are great for securing your fishing boat to your dock and provide a securing method that is easy on your boat as well. 

The dock shock kit comes with two stretching mooring shocks that dampen the sudden jolt that is received on your boat when the wind blows the boat away from the dock. 

These mooring shocks are made from .5 inch marine-grade, UV-resistant shock cords with stainless steel clasps to prevent corrosion from both fresh and saltwater. 

The dock shocks can also be paired together and used for anchoring as well, and come in lengths of  24″ (stretches up to 40″), 40″ (stretches up to 70″), and 60″ (stretches up to 100″).

Newport Vessels NK-180S Kayak Trolling Motor

Newport Vessels NK-180S Kayak Trolling Motor

The Newport vessels NK-180S is specifically designed with kayak anglers in mind. The NK-180S has a short and compact shaft allowing you to go into shallower water easier than you could with conventional boat trolling motors and allowing you to fish and access areas that other boats can’t reach. 

The trolling motor on our list of cool fishing gadgets -features five different speeds and is very quiet for prowling those shallow waters, and one of the best features is having power cables that are much longer than other trolling motors on the market, so reaching your battery won’t be an issue no matter where it is in your kayak. 

And last but not least, this trolling motor is constructed using stainless steel hardware and components, so fret, not saltwater anglers. 

Frabill Floating Fishing Nets 

Frabill floating nets are pretty great for anglers like trout anglers who wade in the water as well as kayak anglers with limited space to keep gear. 

And for both of those anglers, losing a net to the depths or current is a very real possibility, but Frabill has you covered. 

Frabill tries to prevent the loss of a net far before the floating features come into play, with a rubberized grip that allows you to hang on with ease even with wet hands, and a lanyard to tie to a tie-off or around your wrist in the even you were to lose your grip. 

If those features fail you, the real lifesaver comes into play, the net floats, allowing you to simply grab it beside your kayak or get it downstream when it washes up on the bank. 

Minn Kota Raptor – Boat Anchor

Fishing equipment today is incredibly high-tech, and this is very true of Minn Kota’s new raptor shallow water anchor. 

The raptor has some pretty awesome modes to select depending on the situation on the water. Active anchoring senses when wind and wave increase and automatically adjusts to compensate, keeping firm contact on the bottom without you having to do anything. 

The “anchor anywhere” feature allows you to deploy the raptor anywhere in the boat with the touch of a button using the IPILOT wireless controller. 

Deeper Pro+ Castable Sonar

With a total cast distance connectivity of 330 feet and the ability to read up to 260 feet of depth readings, the deeper pro+ is a depth finder that changes the game when it comes to angling due to being castable. 

No longer are sonar units relegated to boats or for static ice fishing. You can cast the Deeper Pro+ anywhere to find the depth of your fishing spots, as well as fish. 

This top depth finder on our list of cool fishing gadgets changes the game for shore fisherman. In decades past all you really could do was guess on depths in areas away from shore. 

Rapala Ripstop

The Rapala ripstop is one heck of a unique crankbait, and its design is pretty innovative, which is a breath of fresh air when you see the number of copycat baits in the fishing industry. 

 It’s a slash bait, jerkbait, and crankbait all in one single lure package allowing you to perform a variety of presentations with one single bait.

The unique rear lip that the bait features helps stop a bait dead in its tracks when you pause it, eliminating all forward drift on the pause and creating a presentation that is a serious reaction strike trigger for predatory fish. The dead pause action also creates a slight wobbling action added in for good measure.

There is no wrong way to fish this thing, crank it, jerk it, rip it, pop it. The choice is yours.

Plano 3500 Guide Series Tackle Bag

The Plano guide series tackle bag has a ton of storage for its size and is the essence of practicality and utility, lacking any gimmick design features or frills. It has been designed to function well and is built to be incredibly rugged.  

Made from 1680 denier fabric, this thing is very durable and can handle anything you can dish out. It is able to hold its color and, more importantly, its shape for years. 

It features molle webbing similar to that found on tactical gear used in the military to hold additional tools and gear, and a laser-cut and molded rubber base to eliminate slippage on wet rocks or boat decks, as well as a magnetic top to securely hold items like hooks and forceps or pliers. 

Don’t forget the important parts like the 3500 sized Stowaway trays for tackle organization, Waterproof cell phone holder, license holder, and carabiner, allowing you to keep everything neatly organized and safe.   

Plano also did a nice touch by adding oversized molded zippers for durability & easier use.

Savage Gear 3D Craft Trout Pulsetail

Savage Gear is well known for pushing the envelope of lure design, and in the process, they have created some pretty awesome and effective baits for a wide variety of species. 

The trout pulse tail is based on their very successful through-line trout series of swimbaits, but the pulse tail has one major important distinction, and as you might guess, it has to do with the tail design. 

The pulse tail design featured on this lure gives it a unique action, making the tail shudder left and right, producing a ton of vibration while giving the lure lifelike swimming action. 

When you see this thing swim through the water, you will have a difficult time distinguishing it from a real live trout. 

KastKing Day Tripper Fishing Backpack

The KastKing backpack has a pretty unique and very helpful feature. It has storage spots for carrying your fishing rods on the outside of your backpack, allowing you to keep your hands completely free to carry other pieces of gear. 

The KastKing backpack features a hydrophobic coating repelling water during bad weather from the outside of the backpack and also has a super-effective PVC layer on the inside to provide extra moisture protection, ensuring your tackle and gear are protected from moisture and rust while preventing mildew from occurring.

 The KastKing Day Tripper can hold 4 3600 size storage containers for all your lures and terminal tackle, and the large storage compartment is great for things like lunch, beverages, extra tackle or rain gear, and anything else you need to bring with you.

The backpack also has thick and breathable padding to keep you comfortable and cool, slash mesh pockets, and a removable main storage compartment bottom. 

Aqua-Vu AV715c Underwater Camera With 7-Inch Color LCD Screen

This underwater camera has an awesome price point, making it easy on your wallet while giving you features that one would find on more expensive underwater camera offerings. 

This is an invaluable tool for ice fishermen but can also be a handy tool to keep in a boat to get your eyes on the structure you find with sonar graphs.

 The camera comes with 7-inch sunlight viewable LCD screen and includes video-out capability. 

The screen is also IP67 rated for waterproof performance,  comes with 50 feet of camera cable, giving the angler plenty of cable length to view deep structures or schools of fish, and a 12-volt 7-amp rechargeable battery with charger. All this comes with a Custom Storage Bag System to make transportation a breeze.

Frabill 9865 Lure Retriever

The lure retriever by Frabill will very quickly pay for itself in the form of saving your lures on the water. 

With the long telescopic pole capable of reaching deep into the water to contact the snagged lure and a corkscrew design capable of releasing snagged baits from small bass crankbaits to 12 inch plus musky lures. 

The lure retriever is made of lightweight tubular aluminum and features a cam-lok system to keep it secured tightly at your desired length when in use. 


 The Gofish is an inline rigged style of underwater camera. How this underwater fishing camera method works is simple, you tie the end of your line to the rear line tying point, from there, you simply tie a length of the line as a leader from the other end, where the camera faces when in use. 

 This allows you to film your lure presentation at any depth. While it can be used casting, it is not recommended, but it is the ideal camera setup for trolling, allowing you to constantly record all video of any fishing following or eating your bait. 

 The stabilized design of the GoFish camera keeps the camera from spinning, twisting, or rocking, giving you a stable video recording of your lure in action and the fish as they investigate or eat your lure. The camera has high-quality video rendering at 1080P at 60 Fps and 30 Fps, and 720P at 60 Fps.

Rapala Line Remover/Sharpener

The Rapala line remover is a handy little tool to keep in your boat or tackle box. It can remove 5 feet of line per second, making it a great tool to remove full spools of line at a rapid pace. 

One feature the made this a must on our list of cool fishing gadgets, is the built-in hook sharpening wheel is also great for sharpening any hook quickly, leaving it razor-sharp for ultimate hooking potential. 

This tool is compact and convenient, allowing you to keep it in your pocket and ready to use as needed when on the water. 

South Bend Digital Hanging Fish Scale

The South Bend digital scale is a great scale. It’s accurate and has a total way capacity of 110 pounds! The screen is also easy to read with blue backlighting that makes reading easy in either dark or bright conditions. 

It also features a retractable handle and foldable hook for storage, as well as an auto shut-off function when it hasn’t been in use over an amount of time, saving on battery life. 

Booms Fishing X1 Pliers

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Last, but not least on our list of cool fishing gadgets, The Booms fishing X1 is an all-aluminum handled pliers with loads of features. The X1 has been designed with multiple holes in the handle to give the angler a plier that is incredibly lightweight. The jaws are made from stainless steel to provide strength and corrosion resistance to complement the aluminum construction. 

The X1 is capable of removing split rings, Cutting lines including braids, single barrel crimping spots, and has the capabilities to make split leads as well. The pliers are also spring-loaded and keep an open position to make it easy to use when you only have one free hand available.

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