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Best Braided Fishing Lines – Most Popular Fishing Line

Braided Fishing Line

Braided fishing line has easily become one of the most popular choices for anglers, whether they are using a baitcasting or spinning reel. The best braided fishing lines are so popular because they have many different advantages over a regular mono or fluoro line. 

Not only are these lines tougher and more durable, but their small line diameter will better disappear in most water types. They also have much less stretch than traditional lines and will allow an angler to cast even further distances. This lack of stretch will also allow an angler to have much better sensitivity and feel any bites much better than other traditional fishing lines. It is very easy to see why braided fishing lines have become so popular over the last couple of years. 

So what are some of the best braided fishing lines that you can find today? Let’s take a look at some of our favorite picks for some of the best braided fishing lines!

1. Sufix 832 Advanced Superline Braided Fishing Line

The Sufix 832 is an advanced braided line that is produced by Rapala. The number 832 refers to its 8 different fibers with 32 weaves per every inch. This line is very smooth and casts even better. It is very abrasion resistant and will hold up after many fishing trips even in rough conditions. This is a very good thing if you are consistently finding yourself fishing in areas with a lot of brush or rocks that can easily snap a line. 

The Sufix 832 is available in five different colors, although the two most popular (and most effective) are the Lo-Vis green and the Hi-Vis yellow. This is because they tend to work the best in most water conditions by blending in and disappearing, while the other three tend to not be as versatile. Overall, this is an excellent pick for a braided fishing line, especially if you want something very simple and easy to use. 

2. Spiderwire Stealth Braided Fishing Line

Spiderwire Stealth fishing line is produced by the tried and true company of Pure Fishing. Much like the Suffix, it is also constructed of Dyneema polyethylene fibers that give it even better durability and increased casting ability. These special fibers will also reduce on stretch and help you feel bites much better. 

While this braided line is very smooth and easy to cast, it does tend to fade in color a little faster than other fishing lines. This does not affect its durability or functionality however, just something to note. Overall, the Spiderwire Stealth is a very solid line to go with, especially if you want to stick to a budget when it comes to your fishing gear. 

3. PowerPro Braided Fishing Line

If you are looking for one of the best braided fishing lines made today, then the PowerPro Braid is easily one of the top choices. It is made right here in the USA by Shimano, a well-known name in the fishing industry for making quality products. 

The PowerPro line is available in a wide variety of weights and colors, such as Hi-Vis yellow, Vermillion Red, and Moss green. Moss green seems to be the most popular and versatile, but no matter what color you use this braided line will quickly become one of your favorites as it is one of the most popular braided fishing lines out on the market. 

4. Berkeley NanoFil Fishing Line

If you are looking for a line made particularly for a spinning reel, then the Berkeley NanoFil is a great option. While it technically is not a braid, this line is a uni-filament line that is formed by molecularly bonding Dyneema nanofilaments to create a line that is extremely thin but incredibly strong like a braid. But don’t let this fool you, this is one of the strongest lines out there. 

Still considered a braided line by most anglers, this line is very slick and smooth which will make it easy to cast for any level of angler. Just be sure to use the right type of knot, because even the best knots can come loose because of how slick this line is. Besides that, this line is an excellent choice if you are looking for one of the smoothest fishing lines around!

5. Berkeley Fireline Braided Fishing Line

Ever since its introduction, the Berkley Fireline has been extremely popular. It is slightly different than most other braided lines because it is thermally fused, hence the name Fireline. This also gives it a different texture, but don’t let this stop you from using this line, even with spinning reels. In fact, many believe this line was actually originally designed to be used almost exclusively with spinning reels, although it works great on baitcasters too. 

The Fireline is an excellent choice for spinning reels, especially since it has a little bit of memory to it that allows it to stick to the spinning reel spools better than other lines that are slicker. Available in multiple color varieties, the most popular choices tend to be both the Smoke and Fireline Crystal colors. Berkeley is a well-known name in the fishing industry, but  

Final Thoughts

Whether you are using a spinning or baitcasting setup, using a braided fishing line can be one of the best things that you can do in order to take your fishing to the next level. Braided fishing line is not only extremely tough and durable, but it is very sensitive and will allow you to feel bites much better than traditional lines. 

No matter what braided fishing line that you choose to use, you can feel confident that you are fishing with one of the best options out on the market today!

Best Braided Fishing Lines

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