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Fish Scaler – The Top Picks for Easy Work

Every angler has used a spoon or a butter knife as a makeshift fish scaler at some point in their life. However, using cutlery to scale your fish can not only be difficult but can also be quite frustrating because you might end up puncturing the fish or ripping the skin off. One of the worst things about using a spoon or butter knife to scale a fish is that it creates a colossal mess. It will make the scales fly all over the place and you will have to spend hours cleaning up afterward. Luckily for all the anglers out there, there are much easier ways to scale a fish. 

How to Choose the Best Fish Scaler

If you invest in a good fish scaler you can take all the hassle out of scaling fish. These handy gadgets make the job much easier and make sure you don’t have to spend hours cleaning up afterward. So, if you are in the market for a fish scaler here are the things you need to consider. 

Electric Fish Scaler or Manual?

Start by considering whether you need a manual or an electric scalar. This is mainly about the frequency you tend to scale fish. If you are someone who often scales their fish you will need an electric scaler. Let’s say you are someone who’s running a restaurant and have to scale fish regularly. Or you have a ton of fish that need scaling. Honestly, if you are a weekend angler with a couple of fish you’re prepping for a meal a manual scaler will get the job done. 

What Size Fish Scaler?

The size of your scaler will vary depending on the size of fish you need to scale. If you often scale smaller species such as trout or bass, a small manual scaler will get the job done. On the other hand, if you plan on scaling bigger saltwater fish, you will need a much bigger and more robust scaler. Possibly even an electric fish scaler.


Even though fish scalers inherently aren’t a dangerous tool, they can hurt you when you are scaling bigger fish that require you to apply more force. Some scalers come with protective gloves made from a metal mesh fabric that can prevent injury in case the tool slips. So, it is important that you go with a scalar that ensures user safety.

Our Fish Scaler Top Picks

Our list of scalers should suit whatever your scaling needs are. If you are on a really tight budget, here is a great article on how to make your own fish scaler.

4 Pieces Stainless Steel Fish Scale Remover

If you are looking for a versatile set of fish scalers that make scaling easier and ensure maximum security at the same time this 4 Pieces Stainless Steel Fish Scale Remover set is what you need. Featuring a stainless steel and ABS plastic construction, these fish scaler brushes are highly durable, extremely lightweight, wear-resistant, and anti-rust. 

No matter how much you love catching and eating fish, no angler enjoys scaling their fish. It’s a tedious job that can also be extremely difficult without the right equipment. However, with these fish scalers, you can get the job done in under a minute. They feature serrated-edged teeth that allow for quick and clean scale removal, non-slip handles for easy turning, and an overall sturdy but lightweight and durable design making it a great kitchen tool for all the fish lovers out there. 

Amison Fish Scales Scraper

One of the biggest problems when scaling fish is the risk of hurting yourself. If you are using a knife or a poorly designed fish scaler you can hurt yourself quite badly. This is why you need the Amison Fish Scales Scraper. Featuring a sturdy stainless construction and two sizes of saw tooth to remove different types and sizes of scales, this scaler is designed to make your job easier while ensuring user safety. It is designed to make sure that you can scale any fish without getting hurt. 

It features an ergonomically designed stainless steel grip which is quite strong and fits in your hand easily. There is also a hook at the end of the handle so you can easily hang it on your kitchen wall. It is anti-rust, extremely lightweight, and easy to clean. There are three holes on the head of the scaler that don’t allow the scales to get stuck under the scalar. It is also dishwasher safe which makes it very easy to clean after use. 

Big Norm-Feets 88111 Magic Fish Scaler

Unlike your old-school stainless steel fish scalers, the Big Norm-Feets 88111 Magic Fish Scaler has a plastic construction that makes it much safer to use. One best thing about this scaler is that it keeps the cleaning work to a minimum by making sure that the scales don’t fly all over the place and helps you scale your fish without leaving behind a mess. 

This scaler is perfect for restaurants and kitchens as it is extremely lightweight and easy to use. Since it is made from plastic there is no risk of rust which makes it extremely durable. Moreover, it gets the job done pretty fast with its free-floating teeth that can catch loose scales. It is easy to clean and has a practical design to maximize user comfort and minimize the clean-up work.

Yamasho Brass Fish Scaler L

When scaling fish there can be some scales that just don’t come off. If you are looking to remove such stubborn scales with ease, this brass fish scaler is a great option for you. It is designed to make sure that the scales don’t go flying all over the place. Its conveniently designed grooves can catch all the loose scales and make sure that they stay in the sink. 

It is made from brass which is a zinc and copper alloy, both of which are anti-rust. It is also stronger than pure copper or steel, making this scaler very strong and durable. Its strong construction allows it to get rid of even the most difficult and stubborn scales with little effort.

Kwizing Fish Scaler Brush

Every angler loves it when they get a big catch, but no one likes scaling bigger fish because they can take a lot of time and effort. However with the Kwizing Fish Scaler Brush that is no longer a problem. Featuring a brass construction with a wooden grip, this fish scaler is handcrafted in Japan and is best for scaling bigger fish with more stubborn scales. No matter how big your catch is and how stubborn its scales are, this scaler brush can take care of it.  Its brass construction makes it corrosion-resistant and anti-rust. It also features 32 serrated teeth and an impeccable grip which ensures user comfort and ease. Its grooves are great at catching loose scales and keeping the clean-up to a minimum. It has three long grooves that make sure that the scales don’t fly everywhere. All and all this is one of the best fish scales, especially when dealing with bigger fish.

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