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Top Tips for Fishing in the Dark

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Fishing is a complicated pastime. No matter what species of fish that you are after, you must figure out what they are wanting to eat or attack, where they like to hide, and what their general habits are. One of the best times to gain the upper hand on finicky fish is at night in the dark. Most fish are much more active at night, as this is when they will venture out to start feeding and feel much safer and secure.  It only makes sense to go fishing in the dark

Fishing in the Dark Challenges

But doing so comes with its own set of challenges as well. It can be hard to see what you are doing, and some anglers may even be cautious of fishing in the dark due to personal fears. Whatever the case, there is no arguing the fact that fishing in the dark has a lot of advantages. And luckily, if you follow the proper tips and tricks, you can find a lot more success on the water in the dark instead of blindly stumbling around and not catching anything. Here are a few of the top tips that you need to know for fishing in the dark! 

Be Prepared for Night Fishing

One of the most important things you need to do when fishing in the dark is having a plan and being prepared. This applies to everything. When you are planning on areas to fish, carefully pick out areas that you are familiar with. At night, everything will look different so it is important to know where you are going and how you will get there. You should also let someone know where you plan on being, and when you plan to return. 

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You should also be prepared in the form of carefully planning how you are going to fish and catch your intended fish species. All fish will act differently at night, so it is important to know their habits and adjust your fishing tactics accordingly. Something as simple as what depth to fish at can help you find even more success while fishing at night. You should also be prepared to bring the correct baits or lures. This depends on the season and the species of fish. For example, catfish are much more active at night and respond well to live bait in the dark. While during the day they might be easier to catch on things like stinkbait since they move around much less. 

Bring the Right Gear for Fishing in the Dark

Going along the same lines of being prepared, it is also very important to bring along all of the necessary gear when fishing in the dark. Aside from your regular fishing gear, you should also bring along a few extra items. Like GPS in order to guide you in and out of your fishing location. Again, everything changes at night and it can be very difficult to know where you are going. The last thing that you want to do is get lost!  It is also smart to bring along some reflective material, so others can see you when they shine their lights.

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Speaking of lights, you should bring plenty of light sources and batteries for fishing in the dark. You will need these lights to be able to see when going to and from your fishing hole. As well as to assemble your gear and catch a fish. At night, it is also a good idea to bring a jacket (if it will get a little cold). Some bug spray if you are in an area that you will deal with them. Other items that you may want to consider are things like a personal flotation device, first aid kit, radio or other types of communication device, and plenty of water and snacks. Whatever else you may need to bring in order to make your fishing experience a little better, it can be a good idea to bring to use at night as well! 

Turn Your Lights On Before Starting to Fish

The last thing that you want to do is start scrambling around once it gets dark, trying to get your gear ready to start fishing. A simple trick that you can use is to turn on your headlamp before it actually gets dark. This will give you an ample light source as the light fades. It will also help your eyes more easily adjust to the new lighting, easing them into the darkness. Just make sure that you are fully charged and have full batteries before using any of your lights! With a dead battery, your night fishing experience might be cut short before it can really produce good results for you.

Enjoy the Experience of Night Fishing

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Fishing in the dark can be a great experience if you take the proper precautions and bring the right gear. Not only are the fish much more active, but it is usually much quieter and calmer out on the water. You will usually also have the place to yourself. The most important thing to remember to just have fun and enjoy the whole thing. Many anglers don’t realize just how relaxing fishing in the dark can be!

Fishing in the Dark – Final Thoughts

From better weather to more active fishing conditions, fishing in the dark can be a great way to get more fishing time without sacrificing other things. If you have ever considered going fishing while it is dark outside, you should not let any fears get in your way and try it out. You will be amazed at just how much you might like it. It might even end up being your new favorite time to go fishing. No matter what species of fish you love to catch, there is no denying that fishing at night can give you many advantages. Especially if you follow these simple tips and tricks!

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