What Are Bowfishing Arrows Made Of? Top Arrows of This Year

fisherman doing bowfishing

Hunting and fishing were the primary sources of survival in ancient lore. Yet, their importance is not foreign to sport maniacs and adventurers. And who could resist trying a fantastic blend of both activities? Bowfishing stands in between archery and rod fishing. It takes the right equipment and an eagle eye to hit a giant […]

Fishing Waders – Get Closer to Your Catch

fishing waders

Fishing waders are incredible tools for anglers. They allow us to get directly in the water on rivers, streams, lakes, and even the ocean, to reach spots that we couldn’t reach from shore. They also allow us to fish cold water in the spring, fall, and winter that would otherwise not be possible if you […]

Best Fishing Backpacks with Rod Holders

KastKing Fishing Tackle Backpack

Fishing backpacks are an excellent way to fish from shore while maintaining a high level of mobility, allowing you to keep your hands free for navigating difficult terrain or carrying more gear, without the need to carry large and clunky tackle boxes. There is a wide variety of fishing back packs on the market today, […]

Different Types of Fishing Bait – Homemade Bait Recipes and More

Fishing Bait

Lures on the market today come in countless shapes, sizes, and actions to give specific presentations at varying depths. Many anglers tend to overlook other forms of fish catching bait and get caught in the magic lure hype. Live bait and other forms of bait that don’t fit into the manufactured lure category are arguably […]

Fishing Neck Gaiters – Hot or Cold Weather Fishing Gear

Fishing Neck Gaiter

Fishing neck gaiters are versatile apparel pieces that help keep you comfortable regardless of weather conditions. During summer days, lightweight and thin neck gaiters enable you to block UV rays and keep cool. On winter days, they help you stay warm and provide insulation that covers your face, head, and neck. There are many kinds […]

The Best Fishing Carts – Get Fishing Gear Going

The Best Fishing Carts FI

Fishing is one of the adventurous and fantastic ways to spend time with your family and relax. One can have a terrific time while indulging in this activity. But carrying the fishing gear can be one daunting task. Especially if you are a professional angler, you need to do it frequently. There happens to be […]

The Best Fishing Vests – Keep Fishing Gear Close

fly fishing vest for men

Many anglers tend to overlook this, but undoubtedly, it is one of the essential pieces of equipment. Especially the beginners who need to carry various fishing accessories, including high-class sunglasses, fishing license and various fishing lures, often forget about how a fishing vest can be a great investment. Whether you are casting from the boat […]

The Best Fishing Gear – 15 Cool Fishing Gadgets

fishing gears

The modern fishing world is full of great new gear and fishing gadgets that make our lives on the water in pursuit of fish easier and more efficient. We narrowed down the search for cool gadgets in the fishing world. These are our top 15 cool fishing gadgets and gear on the market today. So check […]

How to Unhook a Fish Properly & Ethically

unhook a fish

Knowing what to do when it comes to unhooking a fish is one of the most important aspects of catch and release fishing. In this article, we will discuss different ways to approach safe ways to unhook a fish in different situations and allow for a successful and healthy release.  Fish Hook Location and Removal […]

How to Remove a Fish Hook From Your Hand, Finger, Etc.

fish hook from hand

Fishing accidents happen, with the most common incident is getting yourself hooked instead of a fish. When that happens, it can ruin a great day of fishing and include an expensive trip to the hospital if you cannot unhook yourself. There are a few methods you can use to remove a fish hook from your hand, […]