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What Are Bowfishing Arrows Made Of? Top Arrows of This Year

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Hunting and fishing were the primary sources of survival in ancient lore. Yet, their importance is not foreign to sport maniacs and adventurers. And who could resist trying a fantastic blend of both activities? Bowfishing stands in between archery and rod fishing. It takes the right equipment and an eagle eye to hit a giant carp or gar. Say farewell to clever baits – nock, draw, and shoot! You can repurpose a hunting or vintage bow for fishing. But bowfishing arrows make or break the deal. They must be heavy and sturdy because the water layers and fish scales will challenge their strength!

What Materials are Used in Bowfishing Arrows?

Arrows are the most crucial bowfishing tackle. Therefore, knowing what they are made out of will help you choose the ideal setup.

These arrows have three basic components: shaft, point, and nock. A safety slide system is optional. Where nocks are plastic-made and heads come with stainless steel barbs, the shaft is available in various materials. And it ultimately determines the flight.     

Following are the three main types of bowfishing arrows with their ups and downs. 

Fiberglass Bowfishing Arrows

Fiberglass Arrows

It is a specialized form of plastic that is reinforced with glass fiber. Fiberglass arrows are the go-to options for beginners as well as tournament players. 

It’s heavy and straight, giving it the accuracy and strength to hit the mark. Also, it withstands occasional wear and tear. However, the stiffness of the spine makes it vulnerable in the long run. 

Given the cheaper price-point of fiberglass arrows, they make a perfect choice to test the waters on holidays.       

Carbon Bowfishing Arrows

Carbon Arrows

Carbon arrows are the uncrowned king of archery. The shaft is manufactured with aluminum, carbon, or graphite. The undeniable pros of carbon arrows are durability and precision. 

Unlike fiberglass bowfishing arrows, they’re flexible and impact-resistant. You can expect one piece to last for years. Adding on to its charm, the quality and hardiness will never decrease over time.

Carbon fiber will be available in each shop, but with the highest price tag.  

Composite Bowfishing Arrows

Composite Arrows

On the one hand, you have economic fiberglass arrows and exceptional carbon variants on another. In a fair world, there should be a crossover of two. And as it happens, composite (hybrid) bowfishing arrows are their name.  

They are made with fiberglass or aluminum with carbon coating. It cuts down the cost when compared to carbon arrows. Simultaneously, it provides durable support to the rigid spine.

Composite arrows have now become standard in the sprawling industry.  

What Are The Best Bowfishing Arrows & Gears Of 2021?

Now when you understand the composition of bowfishing arrows, it’s time to introduce this year’s top-rated products – order them this moment and conquer the shores very next.

Maifield Bowfishing Arrows

  • All-purpose fishing bolts
  • Micro-diameter fiberglass shaft
  • Spring safety slide

It is a pack of 3 elegant bolts having corrosion-resistant tips and sharp barbs. Also, it contains many accessories such as gar tip, hydro lock ring, and ergonomic nock.

AMS Chaos FX Point

  • Detachable barb
  • 2-inch holding area
  • AMS EverGlide safety system

AMS Store is a reputable brand. And this bowfishing arrow lives up to its goodwill. It comes with an innovative cyclone tip that can be replaced or upgraded anytime.


  • Lightweight and slim shaft
  • Suitable for all types of bows
  • Comprehensive all-in-one kit

PANDARUS six-pieces set is all you need to jump into marshes and aim the stubborn specimens. With only 8mm diameter and 100 grams of weight, it’s the lightest bowfishing arrow.

TRUGLO Speed Shot Arrow

  • Affordable bowfishing arrow
  • Multiple points and Slide system
  • Dollar tree glue accompany the package

Speed-Shot FG is the simple solution to excel in the game. It has carbon composite tips with a precise mechanism. You can replace default points with cardepo or spring-fisher at the time of purchasing. 

Cajun Bowfishing Arrow

  • Carbon-fiber composite arrow
  • Piranha XT Point
  • Extremely durable product

Cajun has come up with an improved design of their bowfishing equipment line-up. It features an XT point with reversible stainless steel barbs that hold on tightly to the fish.

IronBuddy Stainless Steel Arrowheads

  • Heavy-duty broadheads
  • 6-inches long 
  • Pack of 10  

Iron Buddy Co. provides a set of long-lasting arrowheads. Catapult Dart can be used as slingshot and bowfishing as well. You must stock them to keep existing arrows functional.

Fiberglass vs. Carbon Bowfishing Arrows: Which one should you buy?

All types of bowfishing arrows have their advantages and downsides. Of course, pro fisherfolks rely on heavy-duty carbon or composite arrows such as Cajun products.

As long as one is not breaking the barriers, good old fiberglass arrows, like AMS and TURGLO, are the way forward. Period!

What Are Bowfishing Arrows Made Of

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