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The Best Bobbers for Fishing

Fish Bobber floating on waters

When it comes to fishing gear, nothing is quite as popular or as iconic as the bobber. Using a simple bobber to suspend your lure or bait at the right depth is not only easy but can be extremely fun and addictive. With the right type of bobber, just about any fish can be caught by using the specific bobber that is designed for the wind, cover, current, or stealth. The different types and designs of bobbers may all look similar or function in the same way, but they are very different. So what are the different bobbers that you should have in your arsenal, and which ones are the best bobbers for fishing?  Let’s take a quick look at some popular bobbers that can help you catch any fish that you are after!

1. Eagle Claw Snap-On Fishing Bobbers

The bobber is exceptionally iconic, and there is no other bobber as popular as the red and white Eagle Claw bobber. These classic bobbers are what most anglers will use to learn to fish. And they just flat out work in pretty much most situations. They are very visible in the water and are a great choice for children as well.

These bobbers get their name from their simple design that has two hooks on both the top and bottom of the bobber. These hooks are spring-loaded and are used to attach to the fishing line by simply holding down on the tab at the upper portion of the bobber. If you want a simple, cheap, and effective bobber, this is the one you need!

2. Foam Cigar Snap-On Fishing Bobber

Similar in function to the Eagle Claw bobbers, the foam cigar snaps are put onto a fishing line in the same general manner with a tab and small clip. These bobbers are extremely visible in the water since they stand straight up and down. They also do not move much with the water current. Giving you a great visual indicator when a fish is biting. 

Foam cigars are available in many different sizes and colors and can be used almost anywhere. They are very sensitive bobbers and can be cast out to long distances. Their shape and simple design allow them to be used in just about any type of water or situation. These bobbers are also very durable, so you can rest assured that you will be getting your money’s worth when you are using one. 

3. Thill Fish n’ Foam Sliding Bobbers

Thill is a fishing company that produces plenty of foam bobbers that defy the norm of traditional foam bobbers by being very tough and durable. They work great at catching fish too! These bobbers stay visible in the water thanks to their colors on the top. While the bottom colors are black or white in order to stay hidden from the sight of the fish. 

These bobbers can be adjusted to sit at any length from your bait, giving them a lot of versatility. While they are not the most sensitive bobbers here on our list, they are easily some of the most durable and will last the longest. If you value durability over anything else or simply want your money to last longer in your fishing gear, these could be what you are looking for. Overall, you cannot go wrong with these sleek bobbers!

4. Waggler Floats

These bobbers rely on their shape in order to give an angler many specific advantages over other types of bobbers. For example, thanks to its shape, it is perfect for being able to cast out much further than other bobbers. There are also many different types of Waggler floats, and each has a specific benefit. There are mini-wagglers, insert wagglers and straight wagglers. They also come in plenty of different colors as well. 

Wagglers are one of the most popular types of bobbers that you will see on the water because of their high sensitivity. While they can be a little tricky to use at first. They offer so many different benefits that it is well worth taking the time to practice with them. If you want to own and use one of the best bobbers in the fishing world, then you will want to try out some Waggler Floats!

5. Eagle Claw Balsa Style Fishing Bobbers

Another great offering from Eagle Claw, these balsa style bobbers are most often used for smaller fish species. They can be used in all types of waters, from small streams and rivers to ponds and lakes. The balsa wood is very buoyant and light, making it a great material for a fishing bobber. Most balsa wood bobbers, like these Eagle Claw’s, are painted to give them better visibility. 

These bobbers will slide onto a fishing line freely until they hit a set distance that you decide on. When used with a bobber stopper that is tied into the line, they are very easy to use and extremely versatile. This can be great if you need to cover a variety of different water depths while out fishing. Simply reset the bobber stopper to a different depth, and cast it back out into the water!

Final Thoughts

Finding a bobber is usually very easy if you walk into a tackle or bait shop. Choosing the right one out of the many options can sometimes be a little tricky. If you stick to any of these five options, you are sure to get a bobber that will be reliable, easy to use, and effective when it comes to catching plenty of fish! For more essential fishing gear check out our article – 10 Must Have Fishing Tackle Items – Most Useful Tools for Fishing.

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