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Reliable Fish Bags – Keep Catch Fresh

What to Look for When Buying Reliable Fish Bags?

If you are an angler and are looking for ways to save some space on your fishing trips, you need reliable fish bags. These are special kinds of bags that are insulated to keep your catch fresh for longer. However, if you haven’t used one before and don’t know what different types of fish bags offer, here are a few things that you should keep in mind to make sure you get the one that is right for you.

Reliable Fish Bags – Size

One of the first things that you need to consider when buying a fish bag is the size. You should always select the size according to your craft and the kind of fish you plan on catching.


Reliable Fishing Products Bag

Make sure that the bag you go with has a good waterproofing mechanism. Of Course, there is going to be a lot of water involved when fishing, and your gear will get wet. However, good fish bags keep your catch away from water as much as possible.

Reliable Fish Bags – Weight

Most people prefer fish bags overfishing coolers because they are much lighter which makes them easier to carry around. Some fish bags, however, can be heavier than others, so make sure you go with one that is light, reliable, and durable at the same time.


The entire purpose of a fish bag is to keep the fish fresh which is made possible by insulating the bag. Make sure that the insulation on the fish bag is strong and thick so that your fish doesn’t go bad on hot summer days.


Your fish bag is regularly going to be exposed to water, sun, and wind, which is why you need a fish bag that is tough enough to hold up in extreme environmental conditions. You don’t want it to start wearing out when it is exposed to the sun in summers or to extreme cold during the winter.


When you are in the market for a new fish bag, you might think of going with the cheapest option. However, the cheapest options are most likely not going to give you the best results. So it is best to invest in a reliable and durable fish bag to avoid having to replace your bag every few months.

Our Reliable Fishing Bags Top picks

Reliable Fishing (Brand Review)

What started as a small-time hobby for the designers at reliable fishing has now turned into one of the most reputable fishing accessories brands all over the states. The designers at reliable fishing made their first fish bag in 2003 when they couldn’t find one in the market. They decided to sell their product as they knew there wasn’t anything like it in the market. Within a few months the product blew up and that is when the brand reliable fishing came into being.

At Reliable Fishing, you will find the most reliable and durable fish bags that are available in 9 different sizes with 2 separate sizes for kayak bags. Each and every bag here is manufactured with the highest grade materials and handcrafted at the company manufacturing plant. They are double stitched with UV and mildew resistant thread and come with a one-year warranty.

Here you can also find different kinds of fish bag accessories like drain plugs, zipper chains, zipper pulls, and patch kits. Plus, you can also buy brand merchandise like caps and T-shirts with the brand logo on them.

Here are some of the best products that reliable fishing has to offer.

1. Kill Bag

Although a little high on the price, Reliable Fishing RF2048 Kill Bag is one of the top-rated insulated fish bags in the market. Thanks to its detailed design and heavy-duty construction it is UV and mildew resistant which means your fish can stay fresh and protected throughout the day, no matter what the environmental conditions. It uses 0.5″ dense, closed-cell foam that will hold ice for as long as you need and keeps your catch cold, fresh, and safe no matter how hot it is outside. It has a 12″ Gusseted base that sits flat and can also expand to increase storage capacity. There is also a drain plug at the button of the bag that can be used to clean, rinse, and drain the bag.

2. Bill Fish Blanket

Fish blankets come in handy where your fish bags can no longer help you store your fish. The billfish blanket is Built for transporting those prized billfish that are too big to fit in your fish bag. It helps keep your catch fresh and chilled so you can get it to the port without it going bad, especially on hot summer days. What’s great about this blanket is that it offers Velcro closures which means you can keep the fish intact as the fins and bills can protrude at any angle. So, you don’t have to chop your fish up in order to keep it fresh.

Reliable fishing makes its billfish blankets with Heavy-duty marine-grade vinyl and uses High quality 1/2’’ closed cell foam providing for great insulation. They are extremely durable with UV-resistant and easily washable materials. It measures 40″ H X 90″ L which makes it perfect for large Bluefin or Billfish.

3. Kayak Bag

Reliable fishing’s insulated kayak bag is one of the best fish bags on the market. It is a 20’’x 36’’ kill bag that comes in handy when you don’t have a lot of space. What makes this bag unique is the tapered design that allows you to strap it into your kayak. It has three D-shaped rings on each side which you can use to tie it down to your kayak. Also an adjustable top cord that securely stores your gear, and three different handles that make carrying it very easy. The insulated bags are UV and mildew resistant and keep your fish fresh and protected all day long. These bags also come with closed-cell foam that can hold your ice for as long as you need. While keeping your catch fresh and protected.

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Reliable Fish Bags – Keep Catch Fresh

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