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Pole Fishing – Beauty of Fishing Accuracy

Pole Fishing FI

People have been fishing with poles for thousands of years, however, pole fishing has become much more sophisticated over the years. Up until the 1970s, people used bamboo sticks for poles that functioned pretty much the same as a modern pole except they were much shorter and less durable. With the introduction of modern materials like fiberglass and carbon fiber, modern-day fishing poles can now be much longer, stronger, and more durable.

A fishing pole consists of a number of different sections that can be put together to get the desired length for your rod. One of the best things about pole fishing is that it can give you great accuracy, especially when you are fishing in smaller ponds and lakes. It helps you access tight spots that might seem unreachable.

In pole fishing, anglers use a long pole rather than a rod or reel and attach a length of elastic and a pole rig to it. Nowadays you can buy ready-made rigs with optimally weighted floats. This means that the angler only has to put together their pole and attach the ready-made ride to the end and they are ready to go.

Things to Keep In Mind About Pole Fishing

One thing that people think about when buying a fishing pole is the length. If you are buying a 40 m long pole, you can only fish at 40 meters or less. However, if you feed the fish intelligently you can easily bring the fish within reach of your pole.

Another thing to keep in mind is the cost of a fishing pole. Nowadays you can easily get a good waggler rod for under $120, however, you will have to spend upwards of $500 for a decent carbon pole with a good amount of top kits. So, for most people, a $100 waggler or feeder rod might be a much better option.

A lot of people who haven’t tried pole fishing think that it is only to catch smaller fish, however, that is not true. If you get a power pole with powerful hooks, lines, and elastics and your fish at the right places at the right time, you can easily catch up to 20-pound carp.

What are the Advantages of Pole Fishing?

One of the biggest advantages of pole fishing is that it gives you great accuracy when feeding. With a waggler or feeder rod, you use your catapult to deposit the feed. However, If you get a decent pole with a good spares package you will also get a cupping kit. A cupping kit can give you a much higher degree of accuracy than using a float rod with a catapult. That is because the spread with a catapult is going to be quite wide. So, if you have a cupping kit you can fill it with the bait of your choice and deposit it exactly where you want to. It can be especially useful when fishing at hard venues like canals and rivers.

Moreover, If you miss a bite while fishing you can easily check whether or not the fish has taken your bait with a fishing pole. There is no need to wind in and check the rig, all you have to do is lift your pole up high and you can see your bait against the horizon.

Another advantage of pole fishing is that it does not spook the fish. When casting a feeder you will make a pretty big splash which will scare all the fish away, but that is not the case with pole fishing. You can ship your pole out and deposit your bait using your cupping kit very very quietly and gently drop your rig exactly where you want without alerting the fish.

The Best Pole Fishing Rods

Bamboo Pole Fishing Rod

Carbon Fiber Pole Fishing Rod

Pole Fishing Accessories

Here are a couple of accessories you might consider when pole fishing.

RETSCLOUD Fishing Landing Net

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced angler, a fishing landing net can be a very handy piece of equipment to have. As long as that fish is in the water, it has a chance to throw the hook, a landing fishing net allows you to get the fish out of the water much quicker and increase your chances for a successful catch.

This is why you should get the REST CLOUD Fishing Landing Net. It is made from lightweight soft mesh which doesn’t damage your catch. The net and the handle combined weigh under a pound, plus they are also designed to fold up quickly and easily, making it very easy to transport and store.

Its extra-long aluminum handle provides better reach to catch your fish and is designed to ensure long-term performance and reliability. It is great for small fish in salt or freshwater or getting heavier catch out of the water without putting too much weight on your rig.

Coleman Camping Chair

When fishing on a warm summer day you are going to need a strong and comfortable chair so you don’t get tired or hurt your back. This is why every angler should buy the new Coleman Camping Chair.

This chair is made from imported polyester. Has a strong steel frame that can easily support up to 325 pounds of weight. It also has a conveniently placed insulated pouch built into the armrest. The Coleman chair can keep up to 4 cans chilled at a time, so a refreshing drink is always within your reach. It also has a fully cushioned seat and back for added support so you can fish comfortably all day long. While you sip your drink you can make use of the mesh cup holder on the right-hand side which will hold your drink for you. It also has an extra side pocket that can hold your phones, power banks, snacks, or keys. This chair is also suitable for camping trips or picnics.

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