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Northern Pike Fishing Lures

Aggressive predators, Pike strike hard and fight well.

Northern Pike Fishing Lures

Northern Pike: Aggressive predators, Pike strike hard and fight well. Use large spoons, spinnerbaits, or live bait, focusing on weedy or murky waters.

Common Lures for Northern Pike fish

Northern Pike, known for their aggressive nature and sharp teeth, are a popular target for freshwater anglers. Effective lures for Northern Pike mimic the fish and small animals they prey on. Here are some common lures used to catch Northern Pike:

  1. Spoons: Large, flashy spoons are a classic choice for Pike, thanks to their simple yet effective action that mimics injured baitfish. The erratic wobble and flash of a spoon can trigger aggressive strikes.

  2. Spinnerbaits: These lures combine flash and vibration, which can be irresistible to Pike. Their design allows for fishing through weedy areas where Pike often hunt, without getting snagged.

  3. Jerkbaits: Hard and soft jerkbaits are effective year-round. Their erratic, darting action mimics wounded fish. For Pike, larger models are typically more successful.

  4. Swimbaits: Large, soft plastic swimbaits that closely resemble Pike prey can be very effective. Their realistic swimming action can entice Pike to bite, especially when fished near cover or structure.

  5. Crankbaits: Deep-diving crankbaits allow anglers to target Pike in deeper water or along drop-offs. Their built-in action and rattle can attract Pike from a distance.

  6. Topwater Lures: Fishing with topwater lures offers explosive action. Large poppers, frogs, and buzzbaits can provoke spectacular surface strikes from Pike, especially during early morning or late evening.

  7. Inline Spinners: The spinning blade of an inline spinner creates vibration and flash, drawing Pike’s attention. They are effective in a variety of conditions and can be used to cover a lot of water quickly.

  8. Buzzbaits: Similar to other topwater lures, buzzbaits create a commotion on the water’s surface, mimicking the movement of small animals or distressed fish, making them an exciting option for Pike fishing.

When targeting Northern Pike, it’s important to use a wire leader to prevent bite-offs. Additionally, varying your retrieval speed and method can help trigger strikes from more cautious fish. Pike can often be found in weedy or structured areas of water bodies, so targeting these areas can increase your chances of success.