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Amberjack Fishing Lures

Amberjack: Known for their strength and are a thrilling catch


Known for their strength, Amberjacks are a thrilling catch, often found around wrecks and reefs. Use live bait and prepare for a powerful fight; they’re notorious for testing your tackle’s limits.

Common Lures for Amberjack fish

  1. Vertical Jigs: Heavy, metal jigs that can be rapidly jigged vertically are extremely effective for Amberjack. Their design allows them to sink quickly to the depths where Amberjack are found.

  2. Live Baits: While not a lure, using live bait such as small fish or squid can be very effective in attracting Amberjack, especially when dropped down to the reefs or wrecks where they reside.

  3. Large Soft Plastic Lures: Soft plastics mounted on a heavy jig head can mimic the injured fish that Amberjack prey upon.

  4. Poppers: Large topwater poppers can attract Amberjack when they are feeding near the surface. The splashing and popping action mimics distressed prey.

  5. Spoons: Large, heavy spoons that can be cast far and sink quickly to the depth are also effective, especially with a fast retrieval that mimics fleeing fish.

When fishing for Amberjack, it’s important to use a heavy tackle due to their size and the powerful fight they put up when hooked.