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GoSun Sport Marine Solar Oven Review

GoSun Sport Marine Solar Oven Review

Good food can make any adventure more fun, especially if you cook it yourself. When out on a camping trip, or any other outdoor adventure, most people cook their food on an open flame. However, starting a fire can be quite a hassle, and you have to carry multiple utensils, gather wood, and then have to go through the arduous process of starting and maintaining a campfire. Moreover, open flames can also be dangerous, even outdoors. Even more dangerous and quite frankly crazy is having an open flame on a boat. To the rescue comes the GoSun Sport Marine Solar Oven!

Solar Oven – Convenient Flame Free Cooking

The GoSun Sport Marine Solar Oven offers a more convenient solution. This solar oven can help you cook a meal easily with the heat of the sun. It is easy to set up and completely safe. Though it can be used for camping and other outdoor activities as well, it is much better suited for situations where you can’t use an open flame or electric stove. For instance, if you are on a fishing trip, you don’t have many ways to cook the fish you catch on your small fishing boat.

Fishing Boat Solar Oven

Well, the GoSun Sport Marine Solar Oven can be set up in your boat easily. It takes very little place and can cook any kind of food, including meat. This solar oven can make a baked, roasted, or steamed meal for two within 20-minutes. The oven has curved reflective surfaces on the sides of a cooking tube. The reflective surfaces redirect the heat of the sun and focus it on the tube, which can reach temperatures of up to 550-degrees F.

USB Powered Solar Oven

If the sun is a little shy on the day of your fishing trip, don’t worry, this Solar oven can even work in overcast conditions, however, it obviously won’t cook as quickly. If the weather isn’t sunny, the Go Sun Sport Marine Solar Oven can also be powered electrically via USB

Portable Solar Oven

The Go Sun Sport Marine Solar Oven is also very portable and easy to carry. Its stand folds with the reflective sides and creates a nice carry handle for this super lightweight oven. It is also very easy to carry with a backpack and eliminates the need to carry firewood, fuel, and other fire starting and cooking supplies. Overall, the Go Sun Sport Marine Solar Oven weighs only 9.5 pounds when folded, and here you can also get a rail mount with the over, which will allow you to mount it to the rail of your boat, saving you space, and making sure that the oven doesn’t fall as your boat moves through the waves.

GoSun Sport Marine Solar Oven

GoSun Solar Oven Recipes

The question now is what can you cook in your GoSun Solar Oven? Well just about anything you would cook in your oven.  The GoSun site has a large number of recipes that work well in their solar ovens.  Breakfast is probably one of the easiest things to make in your solar oven.  Omelettes and frittatas are a few of the breakfast recipes you’ll find.  The one we tried was Tandoori Chicken.

GoSun Solar Oven Final Thoughts

So, if you are looking for an easy-to-use, portable, lightweight, and safe cooking solution for your fishing or camping trips, the Go Sun Sport Marine Solar Oven is the perfect product for you.

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