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Redfish Fishing Lures

Found in shallow coastal waters, Redfish are targeted with spoons, soft plastics, or live bait.

Redfish Fishing Lures

Redfish: Found in shallow coastal waters, Redfish are targeted with spoons, soft plastics, or live bait. Sight fishing in clear water can be particularly rewarding.

Common Lures for Redfish fish

Catching Pickerel requires lures that mimic the small fish and other aquatic creatures these predatory fish feed on. Here are some effective lures for targeting Pickerel:

  1. Inline Spinners: The vibration and flash of inline spinners are irresistible to Pickerel. These lures are effective in a variety of conditions and can be retrieved at different speeds to entice strikes.

  2. Spoons: Metal spoons, with their fluttering and wobbling action, mimic injured baitfish. Their reflective surfaces attract Pickerel, especially in clearer water or on sunny days.

  3. Soft Plastic Lures: Soft plastics, including swimbaits, grubs, and jerkbaits, rigged on jig heads or weedless hooks, can be very effective. Their lifelike swimming action can trigger aggressive bites from Pickerel.

  4. Jerkbaits: Hard jerkbaits, worked with a stop-and-go retrieve, mimic the erratic movements of a wounded fish, appealing to the Pickerel’s predatory instincts.

  5. Crankbaits: Shallow to medium-diving crankbaits can be used to explore various water depths where Pickerel may be lurking. Their built-in action makes them attractive to Pickerel.

  6. Topwater Lures: Fishing with topwater lures, such as poppers and frog imitations, can be especially exciting for Pickerel fishing. The surface disturbance and visual appeal can provoke explosive strikes.

  7. Weedless Lures: Since Pickerel often hide in weedy or vegetated areas, using lures that are designed to be weedless can help minimize snags while maximizing your chances of catching these ambush predators.

For Pickerel fishing, it’s important to adapt your lure choice based on the specific conditions of the water body you’re fishing in, including water clarity, depth, and the type of cover available. Additionally, varying your retrieval speed and technique can help determine what triggers strikes from Pickerel on any given day. Light to medium tackle is usually sufficient, allowing for an enjoyable fight and effective presentation of the lures.