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Bream Fishing Lures

Bream fish are accessible and fun, perfect for beginners.

Bream Fishing Lures

Bream: Similar to Bluegills, Bream are accessible and fun, perfect for beginners. They bite on worms and small lures, often found in calm, warm waters near vegetation.

Common Lures for Bream fish

Catching Bream, a common name for various panfish including bluegills, sunfish, and others, can be highly rewarding with the right approach and lures. Bream are known for their aggressive nature and can be caught using a variety of small lures. Here are some common types:

  1. Small Jigs: Tiny jigs, often tipped with a piece of nightcrawler or synthetic bait, are extremely effective for Bream. Feather jigs or soft plastic curly tails in natural or bright colors work well to mimic insects and small aquatic creatures.

  2. Inline Spinners: Miniature inline spinners, with their spinning blade creating vibration and flash, are irresistible to Bream. They’re effective in both clear and stained water.

  3. Micro Spoons: Small, lightweight spoons that flutter and flash mimic small baitfish or insects. They can be particularly effective in deeper water or when Bream are less active.

  4. Soft Plastic Baits: Tiny soft plastics, such as grubs, worms, or insect imitations, rigged on small jig heads can be very effective. Their lifelike movement can entice bites from wary Bream.

  5. Popper Flies: For those who fly fish, small popper flies can provide exciting topwater action. These lures are especially effective in the early morning or late evening when Bream are actively feeding on the surface.

  6. Cricket and Grasshopper Lures: Artificial crickets and grasshoppers can be highly effective, especially in summer when these insects are abundant. They can be fished on the surface or just below.

  7. Small Soft Hackle Flies: For fly anglers, soft hackle flies can be deadly on Bream. They mimic emerging aquatic insects and can be fished in a variety of ways to entice strikes.

When fishing for Bream, light tackle is recommended to enjoy the fight these fish offer and to present these small lures effectively. Bream have small mouths, so smaller hooks and lures will result in better hook-up ratios. Additionally, varying your retrieval speed and technique can help determine what the fish are responding to on any given day.