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Catfish Fishing Lures

Catfish are bottom dwellers known for their strong sense of smell, using bait like chicken liver or stink bait works best.

Catfish Fishing Lures

Catfish: Bottom dwellers known for their strong sense of smell, using bait like chicken liver or stink bait works best. Night fishing is effective, and be ready for their powerful pull.

Common Lures for Catfish fish

Catching Catfish often involves bait rather than traditional lures, due to their keen sense of smell and tendency to scavenge for food. However, there are specialized lures and rigs designed for Catfish, as well as bait presentations that can be very effective. Here are some common methods and lures used for Catfish fishing:

  1. Scented Lures: Soft plastic lures infused with scents can attract Catfish, especially in murky waters where visibility is low. Flavors like cheese, blood, and shad are popular.

  2. Dip Baits and Dough Baits: These are designed to be used with a sponge or ribbed plastic lure that holds the bait. The scent from the dip or dough baits disperses in the water, attracting Catfish by smell.

  3. Jigs: Small jigs tipped with bait such as nightcrawlers, minnows, or cut bait can be effective for smaller species of Catfish. The jig provides weight for casting and adds an attractive movement to the bait.

  4. Spinnerbaits: While not the most common lure for Catfish, spinnerbaits can catch their attention through vibration and movement, especially in clearer water or when targeting more aggressive Channel Catfish.

  5. Cut Bait: While technically not a lure, pieces of cut fish (like shad or herring) are very effective for attracting larger Catfish. Cut bait can be used on simple hooks or in conjunction with lures that add movement.

  6. Punch Baits: Similar to dip baits, punch baits have a thicker consistency and are designed to be ‘punched’ onto a hook or a special rig with a stick or similar tool. They’re effective for bottom feeding Catfish and work well in current.

  7. Electronic Lures: Some anglers use electronic lures that emit vibrations or sounds to mimic distressed prey, which can attract the curiosity of Catfish, especially in turbid waters.

When targeting Catfish, the choice between using traditional baits or incorporating lures often depends on the specific situation, including the water clarity, depth, current, and the size and species of Catfish you’re aiming to catch. 

Using scented lures or baits that appeal to the Catfish’s strong sense of smell generally yields the best results. Additionally, night fishing is particularly productive for Catfish, as they are more active and feed aggressively during this time.