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Kingfish Fishing Lures

A term often used for King Mackerel; they're known for their blistering runs and are a favorite target offshore.

Kingfish Fishing Lures

Kingfish: A term often used for King Mackerel; they’re known for their blistering runs and are a favorite target offshore. Trolling live bait or lures near the surface is effective.

Common Lures for Kingfish fish

Kingfish, often referring to King Mackerel in many fishing communities, are fast, predatory fish known for their sharp teeth and strong fighting ability. Targeting Kingfish requires durable lures that can mimic the speed and appearance of their prey. Here are some common lures used to catch Kingfish:

  1. Spoons: Large, reflective spoons are very effective for catching Kingfish due to their bright flash and erratic wobbling action, which mimics wounded baitfish. Trolling spoons at various depths is a popular technique.

  2. Feathered Jigs: Feathered or skirted jigs, often used in combination with strip baits or whole baitfish, can attract Kingfish by simulating the look and motion of small fish or squid.

  3. Deep-Diving Plugs: Trolling with deep-diving plugs that can reach the depths where Kingfish patrol can be highly effective, especially when these lures mimic the size and action of common baitfish like mackerel or herring.

  4. Cedar Plugs: A traditional and simple lure, cedar plugs are favored for their natural wood material and action that simulates a fleeing or injured baitfish when trolled at high speed.

  5. Live Bait Rigs: Using live bait rigs, such as stinger rigs equipped with live bait like blue runners or threadfin herring, is highly effective for Kingfish. While not a lure in the traditional sense, this method is a staple for Kingfish anglers.

  6. Surface Poppers: Large poppers can be used to target Kingfish feeding near the surface, providing an exciting visual strike. Their splashing and popping action can trigger aggressive bites from Kingfish.

  7. Metal Jigs: Heavy metal jigs, especially those designed for vertical jigging, can be effective in deeper water or when Kingfish are holding near structure. Their rapid descent and erratic jigging action can entice strikes from deep below.

When targeting Kingfish, it’s important to use a wire leader to prevent cut-offs from their sharp teeth. Also, because Kingfish are fast swimmers, lures should be presented at a speed that entices them to strike, often requiring trolling or fast retrieval. Adjusting the trolling depth and speed based on the conditions and the behavior of the fish on any given day can significantly increase your chances of success.