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Best Fly Fishing Rod and Reel

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Fly fishing is quickly becoming one of the most popular methods of fishing in the country. Fly fishing rod and reel kits in the fly fishing world are great for those who want to get into the sport, or for those who want to upgrade all of their gear at once. These fly fishing rod and reel combos are usually made up of a fly fishing rod, a fly reel, and some fly fishing line. While some come with even more extras, there are plenty of options out there to get started into fly fishing. 

Choosing the best fly fishing combo, however, can be a bit tricky. Choosing the right gear when starting out is a very important decision, so we have compiled a list of some of the best options out there that might fit you, your budget, and most importantly, your style of fishing!

1. Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod and Reel Combo 5wt 9ft

It is always nice to have a large variety of rods and reels for different occasions and situations, giving an angler more versatility. But having such a giant collection of gear is not only hard on storage space but hard on the wallet as well. Many anglers instead will opt for a rod that can be adapted to use in a wide variety of places, such as the Orvis Clearwater. 

This rod and reel can be used year-round in a wide variety of conditions. It has a medium action that gives you a great combination of power and sensitivity and can be used from big open rivers and lakes all the way to small streams. Whether you plan on using it to fish with streamers, dry flies, or anything else, the Orvis Clearwater is a great combo that can do just about anything. 

2. Redington Vice Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

Redington is known to make high quality gear at amazing prices, and their Vice fly fishing combo is no exception. If you want a great combo at an affordable price without giving up any quality, this combo comes with a rod, reel, line, rod tube, and even a reel case. The rod itself is a fast action rod that has very little flex and will allow even beginner anglers to make longer casts and fish in the wind. 

Not only are the rod and reel exception quality on the Vice, but throw in the added value with the other gear it comes with and you have one of the best value for money combos on the market today. It is available in four different sizes and weights in order to help anglers choose one that best suits their needs, and will surely fill every expectation that you might have once you purchase it!

3. Scientific Anglers Ampere Rod and Reel Fly Fishing Combo

For beginners that want a great combo without spending too much money, the Ampere fly combo is a perfect choice. It has everything that you could need for getting started the right way, and nothing that will get in the way or make learning harder. This combo has a  quality medium action fly rod, that can run large streamers or small nymphs with ease.

The aluminum reel comes pre-rigged with backing and fly line which is made in the USA and performs excellently. This combo also comes with a rod tube and reel bag, as well as instructions for basic assembly, use, and storage. Whether you are a beginner who is just starting or simply looking for quality gear on a budget, this is a great option for you. 

4. Redington Path Rod and Reel Fly Fishing Combo

Another offering from Redington, the Path fly combo is a great option for budget-friendly combos that can handle large and sizable fish. This combo was specifically designed to be as inexpensive as possible without sacrificing quality and allowing the rod to have the backbone to handle any fish that you might hook into. 

One of the best things about this combo is that not only is it strong, but it is extremely lightweight. It can be purchased in a large variety of different sizes and weights, giving you even more versatility with this package. From close up fishing to super long casts, this rod and reel combo can help you increase your fishing game and be easy on your bank account at the same time.

5. Orvis Encounter Rod and Reel Fly Fishing Combo

Last but not least, we have another product from Orvis that is one of the most well designed and adequately priced fishing combos on the market. The 9-foot long rod is made of a graphite construction and is extremely strong and durable. It is comfortable to fish with all day long and will take a beating without you worrying about ever breaking or damaging it. 

Equipped with other gear like a carrying case and a full supply of fly line, the Orvis Encounter is a great addition to any angler’s fly fishing collection and will easily prove itself with its success. Besides being almost invincible, this fly fishing combo comes in at one of the best prices on our list and is one of the most affordable that an angler can find. 

Final Thoughts

Fly fishing is easily one of the more difficult fishing skills to learn, and having the right gear is essential for getting off to the right start. 

However, we would also suggest The Orvis Guide to Beginning Fly Fishing: 101 Tips for the Absolute Beginner.

A good fly fishing rod and reel can make all the difference between being a skilled angler with a lot of success, or not catching anything and giving up frustrated. All of these fly fishing rod and reel combos will give you the confidence that you will need to know that you are using some of the best equipment. And allow you to become the best fly fisherman that you can! Now all you need is a great fishing shirt!

Best Fly Fishing Rod and Reel

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