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Best Fishing Lures for Bass

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Finding and choosing the best bass fishing gear can sometimes be a challenge. With so many different lures to choose from that are designed for bass fishing, it can be hard to know where to even begin. Even veteran anglers that have plenty of experience with bass fishing can sometimes find themselves wondering whether or not they are using the best fishing lures for bass. 

Luckily we have compiled a quick list of some of the most productive and versatile bass fishing lures that will work just about anywhere you might be. These lures can be used during most seasons and water conditions, and even beginners can find some great success using any of these bass fishing lures!

1. Booyah Boo Bass Fishing Jig Lure with Weed Guard

Jigs are one of the most used bass fishing lures because of their versatility. You can cover a lot of ground very quickly by fishing with a simple lure. They can also get into tough areas that other types of lures can’t, especially the Booyah Boo jig with its weed guard. This particular jig was designed to be able to slide inside of brush piles and in between vegetation without getting snagged. The specially designed weed guard makes this lure much better than other traditional jigs from other companies. 

With a flat bottom and a slight 18-degree hook rise, this jig will perfectly hook a bass every time. Available in plenty of different colors and weights, you can pick the perfect jig for your situation and preferences. Any seasoned bass angler will tell you how important a jig is when fishing and this one is one of the best jigs out on the market today!

2. Berkley PowerBait Fresh Water Fishing Bait

Right behind jigs, rubber worms also rule the bass fishing world. Also called plastic worms, these lures are extremely lifelike and even feel like the real thing when a bass bites down on it. This causes them to hold on longer, resulting in great hookups. Some of the best rubber worms are those from Berkley, specifically the PowerBait Fresh Water line of lures. 

The great thing about rubber worms are their ability to be rigged “weedless” and allow them to fish in thick or brushy areas without getting snagged. The point of the hook can be placed inside the rubber worm, protecting it from weeds and brush until a fish clamps down on it, revealing the hook. Depending on your area, you can purchase Berkley PowerBait rubber worms in literally hundreds of different colors, lengths, and styles to exactly match whatever the bass may be biting on in your area. 

3. Bass Spinner Baits by Free Fisher

Spinnerbaits are another great bass fishing lure and excel at covering a lot of water rather quickly. They are pretty good at avoiding get tangled in weeds and very easy to use. They are usually fished by simply casting them out and reeling them straight in, covering as much water as possible. For some of the best spinnerbaits, check out those made by Free Fisher. 

These spinnerbaits have carbon steel treble hooks that stay razor-sharp and are designed to be fished either shallow or deep depending on your needs. They generally come in packs of six, giving you a few different options on colors. You can use these to cover as much water as you can, knowing you are using some of the best spinnerbaits out there. 

4. Bandit Crankbait Series 100, 200, and 300 Bass Fishing Lures

Crankbaits are another great option for pursuing fish in open water or around deep cover. They come in many different sizes, weights, shapes, and diving depths depending on the situation. They can dive down to whatever depth you need depending on your selection. For some of the best crankbaits, we prefer Bandit Crankbaits. 

Picking the right crankbait plays an important part in having some bass fishing success, but the Bandit crankbaits make this task much easier due to their designs and a lifelike appearance. By simply choosing a lure from the right series, you can select a crankbait that will dive to your desired depth. After that, it is simply picking out the right size and color of the lure that you wish to use. 

5. Arbogast Hula Popper Topwater Fishing Lure

When bass fishing, there are few things as exciting as seeing a big bass jump out of the water to attack a bait. Topwater lures are not only very good at catching big fish, but they can be very fun to use as well. Poppers in particular are designed to ripple and make a lot of noise on the surface of the water, and our favorite is the Arbogast Hula Popper Topwater fishing lure. 

The Arbogast Hula comes in 13 different colors, and they all resemble prey in distress to hungry fish. This lure is particularly useful in thicker cover where sinking lures might get tangled in vegetation. If you want to experience some of the most exciting bass fishing you can get, buying a few of these topwater lures will provide you with endless hours of fun trying to catch a bass by making it jump out of the water. 

Final Thoughts

Choosing some of the best bass fishing lures can be a challenge, especially when you don’t know what the fish are biting on. With these five lures, you can have a great starting point and a large variety of different baits to try out the next time you go fishing. Bass fishing can be a challenge in itself, so choosing a good lure shouldn’t have to be!

Best Fishing Lures for Bass

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