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White Bass Fishing Lures

White Bass are aggressive feeders, often found in schools. Use small spoons or spinners,

White Bass Fishing Lures

White Bass: Aggressive feeders, often found in schools. Use small spoons or spinners, especially during their spring spawning runs in rivers.

Common Lures for White Bass fish

White Bass, known for their schooling nature and vigorous feeding habits, are a popular target for freshwater anglers. These fish often chase small baitfish, making lures that mimic these prey items particularly effective. Here are some common lures used for catching White Bass:

  1. Inline Spinners: Inline spinners, with their flashing blades and vibrating action, are highly effective for White Bass. The flash and motion attract the attention of these predatory fish, triggering aggressive strikes.

  2. Crankbaits: Small to medium-sized crankbaits, especially those that mimic the size and coloration of local baitfish, can be very effective for White Bass, particularly when they’re feeding actively.

  3. Jigs: Small jigs tipped with soft plastic grubs or minnows can be excellent for catching White Bass, especially when they’re holding deeper. They can be jigged vertically or cast and retrieved with a bouncing motion.

  4. Spoons: Metal spoons, with their fluttering action, work well for White Bass, especially when fished in areas where fish are schooling. The reflective surface and movement mimic fleeing baitfish.

  5. Topwater Lures: During times when White Bass are feeding aggressively on the surface, small topwater lures can provide exciting fishing action. Poppers and small walking baits can be effective.

  6. Soft Plastics: Soft plastic lures, such as swimbaits or shad imitations, rigged on a jig head, can be very effective, especially when White Bass are feeding on specific baitfish.

  7. Vibra Tails: Soft plastics with a vibrating tail action can be particularly enticing to White Bass, mimicking the lively movement of baitfish in the water.

When fishing for White Bass, it’s often effective to locate the schools of baitfish they are feeding on and present your lure within or just outside these schools. White Bass are known for their aggressive feeding, so lures that can be retrieved quickly or create significant vibration and flash tend to be more successful. Additionally, because White Bass often school by size, once you catch one, there are likely more in the immediate area.