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Wahoo Fishing Lures

Wahoo are fast and powerful and are targeted by high-speed trolling with lures or rigged bait.

Wahoo Fishing Lures

Wahoo: Fast and powerful, Wahoo are targeted by high-speed trolling with lures or rigged bait. Sharp teeth require wire leaders.

Common Lures for Wahoo fish

Catching Wahoo, known for their incredible speed and razor-sharp teeth, requires durable and fast-moving lures. Wahoo are predatory fish that respond well to lures mimicking fast-moving baitfish. Here are some common lures used for Wahoo fishing:

  1. High-Speed Trolling Lures: Heavy-duty, skirted lures designed for high-speed trolling are very effective for catching Wahoo. These lures can withstand the fast trolling speeds necessary to attract these fast predators.

  2. Deep-Diving Plugs: Large, deep-diving plugs that can reach the depths where Wahoo often hunt are useful, especially when trolled over reefs or along drop-offs.

  3. Metal Jigs: Heavy metal jigs, designed for vertical jigging, can be effective for Wahoo, especially when fished near underwater structures or deep drop-offs. Their fast sinking and erratic retrieval mimic injured baitfish.

  4. Feathered Lures: Feathered trolling lures, often rigged with a hook covered by a bright, colorful skirt, can attract Wahoo. These lures create a subtle action that mimics small schools of fish.

  5. Cedar Plugs: Cedar plugs, a traditional lure in offshore trolling, are surprisingly effective for Wahoo. Their simple design and natural wood material create a vibration and action that Wahoo find irresistible.

  6. Spoons: Large, heavy spoons trolled or cast and retrieved quickly can also be effective for Wahoo, thanks to their flashing action that mimics fleeing baitfish.

  7. Surface Poppers: While not as commonly used for Wahoo, large topwater poppers can be effective in certain situations, especially when Wahoo are feeding near the surface. The splashing and popping action can provoke aggressive strikes.

When targeting Wahoo, it’s important to use wire leaders to prevent bite-offs due to their sharp teeth. Additionally, varying the trolling speed and depth of the lures can help locate and attract Wahoo. These fish are often found in deeper, open ocean waters, so fishing techniques and lures that can reach these areas are crucial for success.