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Tuna Fishing Lures

Tuna are offshore powerhouses and demands heavy gear and stamina.

Tuna Fishing Lures

Tuna: Offshore powerhouses, Tuna demand heavy gear and stamina. Trolling with lures or chumming with live bait are effective tactics.

Common Lures for Tuna fish

Catching Tuna, known for their speed and strength, requires heavy-duty lures that can withstand the rigorous conditions of offshore fishing. Tuna species, including Yellowfin, Bluefin, and Skipjack, are attracted to lures that mimic their natural prey, such as small baitfish or squid. Here are some common lures used for Tuna fishing:

  1. Skirted Trolling Lures: These lures are a staple in Tuna fishing, designed for high-speed trolling. They combine a lead head covered by a colorful skirt, mimicking the appearance and movement of baitfish or squid.

  2. Poppers: Large topwater poppers are effective for Tuna, especially when they are feeding near the surface. The splashing and popping action can trigger aggressive strikes from Tuna.

  3. Stickbaits: Stickbaits, both floating and sinking, can be used to mimic injured baitfish on the surface or just below it. Their erratic retrieve can attract Tuna looking for an easy meal.

  4. Metal Jigs: Heavy metal jigs, designed for vertical jigging, are effective for reaching Tuna in deeper water. Their rapid sinking and fluttering action on the retrieve mimic a wounded or fleeing baitfish.

  5. Feathered Jigs: These are smaller jigs tipped with feathers or synthetic materials, often used for smaller Tuna species. They can be trolled or cast and retrieved at a rapid pace.

  6. Soft Plastic Swimbaits: Large, soft plastic swimbaits rigged on heavy jig heads can be effective for Tuna, especially when fished with a realistic swimming action near schools of baitfish.

  7. Cedar Plugs: A traditional and simple lure, cedar plugs are made from bare wood or painted and are trolled behind the boat. Their natural action in the water mimics a school of small baitfish.

When fishing for Tuna, it’s crucial to match the lure size and type to the Tuna species being targeted and the prevalent baitfish in the area. Trolling multiple lures at varying depths and speeds can help cover more water and attract Tuna. Additionally, using sturdy gear capable of handling the power of Tuna is essential for a successful catch.