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Spotted Bass Fishing Lures

Spotted Bass are similar to Largemouth but often found in clearer, faster-moving water.

Spotted Bass Fishing Lures

Spotted Bass: Similar to Largemouth but often found in clearer, faster-moving water. They respond well to small crankbaits and spinnerbaits.

Common Lures for Spotted Bass fish

Spotted Bass, similar to their Largemouth and Smallmouth cousins, are attracted to a variety of lures that mimic their natural prey. Effective lures for Spotted Bass often resemble small fish, crayfish, and insects. Here are some common lures used for catching Spotted Bass:

  1. Soft Plastic Worms: Texas-rigged or Carolina-rigged soft plastic worms, especially those in natural colors, are effective for Spotted Bass, especially when worked along the bottom or near structure.

  2. Crankbaits: Medium-diving crankbaits that mimic baitfish can be very effective for Spotted Bass. These lures are ideal for covering a lot of water quickly, especially around rocky areas and drop-offs where Spotted Bass often feed.

  3. Jigs: Jigs tipped with soft plastic trailers that mimic crayfish or baitfish are excellent for targeting Spotted Bass around cover and structure. Football jigs and finesse jigs are particularly effective.

  4. Spinnerbaits: The flash and vibration of spinnerbaits can attract Spotted Bass, making them a good choice for fishing around vegetation, brush, and other forms of cover.

  5. Topwater Lures: Topwater plugs, poppers, and walk-the-dog style lures can provoke explosive strikes from Spotted Bass, especially during early morning or late evening when they are more active on the surface.

  6. Soft Plastic Swimbaits: Swimbaits in sizes that match the local forage can be highly effective for Spotted Bass. Rigging them on a jig head or a weighted swimbait hook allows for a realistic swimming action.

  7. Drop Shot Rigs: The drop shot rig, typically used with a soft plastic worm or minnow imitation, is effective for finesse fishing for Spotted Bass, particularly in clear water or when the fish are less active.

  8. Spoons: Small to medium-sized spoons can be effective for Spotted Bass, especially when fishing in deeper water. The fluttering action of a spoon mimics an injured baitfish.

When fishing for Spotted Bass, it’s important to adjust your lure selection and technique based on the water conditions, time of year, and the type of structure or cover available. Spotted Bass often relate to deeper structure than Largemouth Bass, so lures that can reach these depths can be particularly effective.

 Experimenting with different presentations and retrieval speeds can help determine what triggers bites from Spotted Bass in your specific fishing situation.