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Pickerel Fishing Lures

Similar to Pike, Pickerel are aggressive but smaller.

Pickerel Fishing Lures

Pickerel: Similar to Pike, Pickerel are aggressive but smaller. Use spinnerbaits or small live bait, casting near vegetation in freshwater bodies.

Common Lures for Pickerel fish

Catching Pickerel, a predatory fish found in freshwater lakes and streams, can be an exciting challenge. These fish are known for their aggressive strikes and are attracted to a variety of lures that mimic their natural prey. Here are some common lures used for Pickerel fishing:

  1. Spinners: Inline spinners, with their flashing blades and vibration, are highly effective for Pickerel. The movement and noise attract Pickerel, which are often ambush predators.

  2. Spoons: Metal spoons, especially those that are silver or gold, can be very effective due to their flashing and wobbling action. This mimics the movement of small baitfish, enticing Pickerel to strike.

  3. Soft Plastics: Soft plastic lures, including swimbaits, grubs, and worms, rigged on jig heads can be excellent for targeting Pickerel in various water conditions. Their lifelike swimming action can trigger aggressive bites.

  4. Jerkbaits: Both hard and soft jerkbaits are effective for mimicking injured fish, a primary food source for Pickerel. Their erratic retrieve can provoke strikes from even the most cautious Pickerel.

  5. Crankbaits: Shallow to medium-diving crankbaits can be used to target Pickerel in a range of habitats. The built-in action of these lures makes them easy to fish, appealing to anglers of all skill levels.

  6. Topwater Lures: Using topwater lures, such as poppers and frog imitations, can provide explosive action, especially in the early morning or late evening. Pickerel are known to attack surface lures with vigor.

  7. Weedless Lures: Given that Pickerel often hide in weedy or vegetated areas, using weedless lures or rigs can help minimize snags while still targeting these cover-loving fish.

When fishing for Pickerel, it’s important to adjust your lure selection and technique based on the environment and the behavior of the fish. Experimenting with different retrieval speeds and actions can help determine what triggers strikes from Pickerel in your specific fishing spot. Light to medium tackle is generally sufficient for Pickerel, allowing for an enjoyable fight and effective lure presentation.