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Is it good to fish when its raining? : Is it good to fish when its raining?

Is it Good to Fish When It’s Raining?

Key Takeaways

  • Fishing in the rain can increase fish activity and make them more aggressive in feeding.
  • Fishing in the rain means less competition from other anglers and a higher chance of catching a big catch.
  • Fish falling from the sky during rain, also known as fish rain, is a rare phenomenon caused by strong winds and water spouts.

Many anglers wonder whether it’s worth heading out to fish when it’s raining. The answer is a resounding yes! Fishing in the rain can offer several benefits that can enhance your fishing experience. In this article, we will explore the advantages of fishing in the rain, provide tips for optimizing your rainy day fishing trip, and shed light on the science behind fish falling from the sky during rain.

The Benefits of Fishing in the Rain

One of the primary benefits of fishing in the rain is increased fish activity. Rainfall can stimulate fish to become more active and feed more aggressively. As it rains, insects and other prey get knocked into the water, providing an abundant food source for fish. With a bountiful food supply, fish are more likely to be actively searching for food, making them easier to catch.

Additionally, fishing in the rain often means less competition from other anglers. Many people prefer to stay indoors or avoid fishing during inclement weather, which means fewer people on the water and less pressure on the fish. With fewer anglers around, your chances of hooking a big catch increase significantly.

The rain also has a cooling effect on the water, which can make fish more active. Cooler water temperatures can stimulate fish to move and feed more actively, increasing your chances of targeting specific species.

Tips for Fishing in the Rain

If you decide to venture out for a fishing trip on a rainy day, here are some tips to make the most of your experience:

  1. Check your barometer before you go fishing to understand how the weather changes can affect fish behavior. This information can help you plan your fishing strategy accordingly.
  2. Wear proper waterproof clothing, including a rain jacket, rain hat, and waterproof pants and shoes. Staying dry and comfortable will make your fishing trip more enjoyable.
  3. Try using surface baits as the rain disturbs the water’s surface and fish may be looking up for food.
  4. Move around to cover more area as fish tend to feed all over the lake or river during rain.
  5. Fish faster in the rain as fish are looking to fill up quickly with the abundant food.
  6. Fish before the rainstorm hits to take advantage of the increase in feeding activity.
  7. Fish in runoff areas where sewer, runoff streams, or overflow areas pour water into the water body, as these areas produce a lot of food for fish.
  8. Fish under trees as rain and wind create areas where insects fall, attracting fish looking for food.
  9. Fish the storm-pushed banks, which are the windblown shorelines where food is accessible for fish.
  10. Look for fish near structures like cover and submerged tree fields, as fish tend to stay near these areas during inclement weather.
  11. Avoid fishing during thunderstorms for safety reasons, as water can be dangerous, and fish are not as active during lightning and thunder.
  12. Change baits if the ones you’re using aren’t working and switch until you find something that works.
  13. Use noisy and flashy baits to catch the fish’s attention in the cloudy water.
  14. Trout fishing in the rain can be prolific, especially using nymphs, streamers, and terrestrials.
  15. Slow down your fishing after the rain as fish become more sluggish and feeding frenzy slows down.

The Science Behind Fish Falling from the Sky

While fishing in the rain has its advantages, it’s essential to mention a fascinating phenomenon known as fish rain. Fish rain occurs when fish fall from the sky during rain. This occurrence is relatively rare and unpredictable, but it can disrupt fish behavior in several ways.

Strong weather events like storms or tornadoes, which often accompany fish rain, generate strong upward winds known as updrafts. These updrafts have the ability to lift lightweight objects, including small fish, up into the air. When the winds subside, the fish fall back down to the ground or water. Additionally, water spouts, tornado-like columns of rotating air that form over bodies of water, can pick up small marine creatures, such as fish, and carry them into the air. When these water spouts move over land and weaken, the trapped fish are released, leading to fish rain.

These events can disrupt the normal swimming patterns and behavior of fish, causing them to be displaced or disoriented. However, it’s important to note that fish rain is not extensively studied, and its impact on fish behavior is still not well understood.


Fishing in the rain can be a rewarding and exciting experience. The increased fish activity, less crowded fishing spots, and enhanced natural beauty make it a worthwhile endeavor. Remember to check the weather conditions, wear appropriate clothing, and follow the tips provided to optimize your fishing trip in the rain. Enjoy the tranquility and serenity that fishing in the rain can offer, and embrace the opportunity to hook that big catch!

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Q: Is it good to fish when it’s raining?

Yes, fishing in the rain can be highly beneficial. Rain stimulates fish to feed more actively, increasing your chances of catching fish. Additionally, there is reduced fishing pressure as many anglers avoid fishing during rain, giving you a higher likelihood of finding undisturbed fishing spots.

Q: How does rain affect fish behavior?

Rain affects fish behavior in several ways. Firstly, it increases oxygen levels in the water, attracting fish to surface feeding opportunities. Secondly, it causes changes in water temperature, influencing fish activity. Overall, rain can enhance feeding activity and make fish more active.

Q: What fishing techniques are suitable for rainy conditions?

When fishing in the rain, it is important to select appropriate gear such as waterproof clothing and equipment. Using bait and lures suitable for rainy conditions is also recommended. Adjusting your fishing strategies by using topwater lures or bait, and fishing near cover or in shallower waters can be beneficial.

Q: Are there any safety considerations when fishing in the rain?

Safety should always be a priority when fishing in the rain. It is important to have appropriate rain gear and footwear to stay dry and comfortable. Lightning and thunderstorms can pose risks, so it’s essential to seek shelter when necessary and be aware of changing weather conditions to take necessary precautions.

Q: Why should I try fishing during rainy weather?

Fishing in the rain offers several benefits. The increased feeding activity of fish and reduced fishing pressure can enhance your chances of catching fish. Just ensure you consider safety precautions, such as having the right gear and being aware of changing weather conditions, to enjoy a successful and safe fishing experience.

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