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Grouper Fishing Lures

Bottom fishing with heavy tackle is necessary due to their habit of running into rocks and reefs after hooking.

Grouper Fishing Lures

Grouper: Bottom fishing with heavy tackle is necessary due to their habit of running into rocks and reefs after hooking. Use live bait for best results; patience is key.

Common Lures for Grouper fish

Catching Grouper requires heavy-duty lures that can withstand the powerful strike and fight of these bottom-dwelling fish. Grouper are attracted to lures that mimic their natural prey, including fish and crustaceans. Here are some common lures used to target Grouper:

  1. Jigs: Heavy jigs are one of the most effective lures for Grouper, especially when tipped with natural bait like squid or cut fish. Butterfly jigs, which can be worked rapidly up and down or jigged off the bottom, are particularly popular.

  2. Deep-Diving Plugs: Large, deep-diving crankbaits or plugs that mimic injured fish can trigger aggressive strikes from Grouper. These lures work well when trolled over reefs or dropped into deep holes and worked back with a jerky motion.

  3. Soft Plastic Lures: Large soft plastics, such as shad tails or eels, rigged on a heavy jig head, can be effective for Grouper when fished near the bottom. The lifelike action of these lures can entice Grouper out of their hiding spots.

  4. Live Bait Imitations: Artificial lures that closely resemble live bait, such as mullet or pinfish, can be very effective for Grouper. These can include swimbaits with a realistic swimming action.

  5. Poppers and Stickbaits: While not as commonly used for Grouper, large topwater poppers and stickbaits can be effective in shallower water or when Grouper are feeding near the surface. The noise and splash of these lures can attract attention.

  6. Spoons: Heavy spoons that sink quickly and have a fluttering action as they fall can catch the eye of a Grouper. They’re best used in areas with less structure to avoid snags.

When targeting Grouper, it’s essential to use strong, durable tackle capable of handling these powerful fish, especially since they often reside near structure. Fishing with lures allows anglers to cover more water and target larger specimens actively feeding. The key is to get the lure close to the bottom or into the structure where Grouper are hiding and to be prepared for a strong fight when they strike.