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Bluefish Fishing Lures

Aggressive feeders, Bluefish provide a wild experience with their strong, fast runs.

Bluefish Fishing Lures

Bluefish: Aggressive feeders, Bluefish provide a wild experience with their strong, fast runs. Use metal lures or topwater plugs for exciting action, and handle carefully due to their sharp teeth.

Common Lures for Bluefish fish

Catching Bluefish, known for their aggressive feeding habits and strong fighting capabilities, can be both thrilling and challenging. Anglers targeting Bluefish commonly use a variety of lures that can withstand their sharp teeth and powerful strikes. Here are some effective lures for Bluefish:

  1. Metal Spoons: Sturdy and shiny, metal spoons are excellent for attracting Bluefish. Their erratic wobbling action mimics injured baitfish. Silver or gold spoons that reflect light well are particularly effective.

  2. Topwater Poppers: Bluefish are known for their explosive strikes on surface lures. Topwater poppers create a visible splash and noise that can trigger aggressive bites from Bluefish feeding near the surface.

  3. Plugs: Hard-bodied plugs, especially those that mimic the size and swimming action of baitfish, are effective for Bluefish. Swimming plugs and jerkbaits can be used to cover different water columns.

  4. Soft Plastic Lures: Durable soft plastics, including swimbaits and shads, can be effective, especially when rigged on a jig head. Their lifelike swimming action can entice strikes from Bluefish.

  5. Jigs: Metal or lead jigs, especially when tipped with a piece of natural bait or used with a soft plastic tail, can be jigged or retrieved quickly to attract Bluefish.

  6. Spinnerbaits: The flash and vibration produced by spinnerbaits can attract Bluefish, making them a good choice in murky water or low-light conditions.

  7. Diamond Jigs: These are a favorite among many Bluefish anglers for their versatility and effectiveness. The reflective surface and shape of diamond jigs closely resemble small baitfish, making them irresistible to Bluefish.

When fishing for Bluefish, it’s important to use a wire leader to prevent bite-offs, as Bluefish have sharp teeth and can easily cut through standard fishing line. Additionally, varying retrieval speeds and actions can help find what triggers the Bluefish to strike on any given day.