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Blackfin Tuna Fishing Lures

Smaller than other tunas but no less spirited, Blackfin Tuna offer a challenging fight.

Blackfin Fishing Lures

Blackfin Tuna: Smaller than other tunas but no less spirited, Blackfin Tuna offer a challenging fight. Trolling with small feathers or live bait works well, especially around offshore structures.

Common Lures for Blackfin Tuna fish

Catching Blackfin Tuna, a species known for its speed and strength, can be a thrilling experience. Anglers targeting Blackfin Tuna commonly use the following types of lures:

  1. Feather Jigs: Small to medium-sized feathered jigs, often in pink, white, or green colors, are effective for mimicking the small baitfish that Blackfin Tuna feed on. They can be trolled or jigged through schools of fish.

  2. Cedar Plugs: A classic and simple lure, cedar plugs are wooden, cigar-shaped lures that are trolled behind the boat. Their natural wood material and shape create a unique action and vibration that Tuna find irresistible.

  3. Small Trolling Lures: Small skirted lures that mimic the appearance and swimming action of small pelagic fish are excellent for trolling. Bright colors like blue and silver, pink and white, or all black can be particularly effective.

  4. Topwater Poppers: Using topwater poppers can be exciting when Blackfin Tuna are feeding on the surface. The splashing and popping action of these lures can provoke aggressive strikes.

  5. Metal Jigs: Heavy metal jigs that can be dropped deep into the water and retrieved quickly are effective for reaching Blackfin Tuna feeding below the surface. Rapid jigging action mimics injured baitfish.

  6. Soft Plastic Lures: Soft plastic lures rigged on a jig head or as part of a daisy chain can also be effective, especially when Blackfin Tuna are feeding on smaller or more slender baitfish.

  7. Spoons: Metal spoons, with their fluttering action as they sink and during retrieval, can mimic the erratic swimming of wounded baitfish. Their shiny finish also attracts attention through visual cues.

When fishing for Blackfin Tuna, it’s important to match the hatch, meaning the lure should resemble the size, shape, and color of the baitfish that the Tuna are currently feeding on. Trolling speed, the depth of the lure, and the time of day can also significantly affect success rates. Early morning and late afternoon are often the best times to target Blackfin Tuna.